SIA Small Necklace

Bit by bit, drop by drop, life happens.

Mere accidents, most of it. 

In an ocean of intent and mistakes, all that is left is what you make of it. 


Monom is a brand generally knows for it’s geometric shapes. SIA collection is a challenge we took. 

Stones shaped by water on a beach in Sicily in 2018 planted the seeds of this collection back in 2018. Four years later they got us here. Our creative process is sometimes a straight line, in other times a spline. 

This time, it was a dotted line which dissapeared and started again after a few years. It’s always a process and it rarely is simple. 



Product made of Argentium Silver 960 in an antioxidation layer // 18 k gold Vermeil [ver-mei] over Argentium Silver 960 (a layer of at least 2.5 microns of 18k gold applied over Argentium Silver 960, at least 5 times thicker than the normal gold plating, which ensures a better resistance of the plating and a better protection against oxidation). An antioxidation film is applied over the vermeil layer.

Approximate dimensions for pendant: 15 mm, chain is 42 cm long.

Approximate weight: 2.8 gr. 

Every item is handcrafted individually, in our workshop. The small imperfections make each item unique.

Delivery time is 1-3 working days. For details regarding delivery, costs and couriers we collaborate with, please see our "Delivery" page. 

In most cases, we keep small stocks of each product, but before leaving for you, they go through a final finishing phase, which includes the anti-oxidation layer and plating, if necessary. If the situation requires it (this is a gift that must arrive on a specific date), please mention this detail in the "message" section after completing the order. In case of emergencies (orders you need to leave us in a very short time), please contact us at +4 0763 408 075 or

The jewelry comes packed in custom boxes, finished with pale pink semi-glossy laminated paper, with black velvet interior. At the request of customers, we have available additional packaging, wrapped in special paper with ribbons. To do this, please mention in the message box if you want such packaging. Packing service is free.

Also, in the case of gifts, the option of a handwritten message is available. If you want us to write such a message to the recipient, please mention this detail in the "message" field at the end of the order. This service is also free.

For the care of our products, we recommend avoiding contact with water, soaps, perfume or other cosmetics. The products come accompanied by a warranty certificate on which you will find several mentions about their long-term care and a mini-cloth impregnated with an anti-oxidation solution. We recommend using only cloths of this type for cleaning your silver jewelry. Inside the boxes you will find an anti-oxidation patch, so we recommend that, during their storage, they be kept in the original packaging.

Silver is a soft metal that works over time. There is a possibility that small scratches may appear on the surface of the jewelry or even a change in color (a process called oxidation). Upon request, we offer refreshment and re-polishing services for your jewelry.

For any details or other information, you can contact us at +4 0763 408 075 or

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