What do you think of when you hear the word minimalism? It could be fashion (clothing, jewelry, tattoos), it could be interior design, it could be art, or even a type of lifestyle. So let’s see where all these trends originated from, shall we? One of the branches minimalism was spawned from was an architectural movement called De Stijl that appeared in 1917 in the Netherlands. The Stijl developed and influenced many different arts and artists until 1931, when its leading figure, Theo van Doesburg, died. The movement aggregated important artists and architects like Piet Mondrian or Geritt Rietveld. For De Stjl, the harmony, the inner peace of the pictorial style go hand in hand with the architectural equilibrium, all of these with great sensibility for the lines and rectilinear limits that traverse and define surfaces, while at the same time organizing them. The stylized metropolis is just a mise-en-scène of its inner rhythms and dynamics. The artistic language is essentialized, the elements it’s comprised of are very few: the line, the 90 degrees angle, the three primary colors and the three primary non-colors. read more