The Sufis believe that every human being is a mirror that reflects the universe at large. They say each of us is a walking microcosm. To be human, therefore, means to live with an orchestra of conflicting voices and mixed emotions. This could be a rewarding and enriching experience were we not inclined to praise some members of that inner orchestra at the expense of others. We suppress many aspect of our personalities in order to conform to the perfect image we try to live up to. In this way, there is rarely - if ever- a democracy inside of us, but instead a solid oligarchy where some voices reign over the rest.

― Elif Shafak, Black Milk: On Writing, Motherhood, and the Harem Within

A petal 

loves me. loves me not. 

gentle evanescence

fragile in being,

Holding strong.

In metal. 

ETALA is a collection emphasizing the contrasts in (our) nature. 

One can be suave and bold.

Gracious and mighty. 

Sophisticated and outrageous. 

Handcrafted in Transylvania, Romania

Every piece is carefully handcrafted in our own workshop, were our team makes sure you receive high quality pieces of jewellery. 

Made from the best materials

Our pieces are made from precious metals bought only from supliers part of the Responsible Jewellery Council. Each piece is made from Argentium Silver, a hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant silver alloy, with 96% pure silver. 

Authentic designs

Each piece is carefully designed and prototiped under the supervision of our founder, Georgiana Ciceo, architect and jewellery designer. Each collection has its own story, and we invite to discover it and write your own, while wearing them with pride.

Express shipping and personalised packaging

Your order will leave our studio between 2 and 5 working days, but don't hesitate to let us know if you need it sooner. Every order departs in FSC approved packaging, personalised with our branding. 

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