Cufflinks with minimalist designs and architectural shapes, handcrafted in sterling silver, limited editions. 

Un dreptunghi. Imperfect.  sterling silver 925 - anti-tarnish coated. Approximate dimension - 2 cm  Every piece can be custom made in accordance with your needs. Every item is handcrafted individually, in our workshop. The small imperfections make each item unique. Delivery time is 2-5 working days. Find out more details bellow, in the "Description" tab. 

LINIA cufflinks

just a line.  the most minimal cufflinks. The cufflinks are part of our Linia collection, the first one bearing the name Monom.  Sterling silver (92.5%) coated in an antitarnish layer // 18 karat Gold Vermeil [ver-may]  over Sterling Silver (a layer of at least 2.5 microns of 18 k gold applied over Sterling silver, at least 5 times thicker than normal...