Monom is a brand that manages to assert its strength with astute elegance and subtle refinement. 

We create architectures that once dressed, potentiate the exquisite contrast between geometry and the organic. You are invited to read into every shape and its dialogue with the body, to indulge in the sweet talk between well constructed edges and the magnificence of the organic forms.  

Monom is a story that highlights and articulates your individuality and gives it a sensible form. 



Our belief


We believe in the special force a handcrafted design item bestows both to those who make it and to those who choose to make it part of their lives. Monom offers individually crafted items, limited series or bespoke pieces. 


We believe in the necessity of sustainable and ethical behavior. We take pride in the fact that each Monom piece is produced locally, in our workshop, even though that sometimes translates into longer waiting time for our customers. We align our values to those of the slow fashion movement. We are trying to deliver timeless pieces that truly represent the wearer’s style and personality, rather than a passing trend. 


We source our materials from well established vendors and we use and reuse every scrap of metal available. Because we value the preciousness of silver and gold and all the effort their processing requires, we feel that whenever possible they should be recycled and for that purpose, we encourage our customers to let us know if they have any scrap metal or old jewellery they would like us to transform. 


We believe in the importance of community. We create meaningful connections inside our workshop and out. As often as we can, we work with fellow designers and creatives to deliver projects that blur the lines between art, design and life. We are always looking forward to expanding our perspective in that way and always welcome opportunities to do so. 


You know what they say... It takes a village to raise a brand. 



Our origin



Behind the minimalist jewelry brand is Georgiana Ciceo - architect, part-time event organizer and, starting 2016, full-time monom designer and maker. Monom bears the mark of the author’s personality, the objects being created in a calculated way, with a special dedication for each piece.


We give you architectures to enhance the body and geometries to be enhanced by the mind!