Tis the season to be… slowly!


It's good to have found you at the most consumerist time of the year. What if this year, before you set off on your last hundred-meter gift shopping rush, you would think twice about a real gift for a loved one, such as a precious gift like a piece of jewelry?

Let this season be a slow one.

Especially since we might have the perfect gift idea.

Perfection is said to be one of the most abstract ideas. But when it comes to the perfect gift, some of us want to make an impression with original gestures or with not at all small and modest attentions, but most of us end up on the last hundred meters, quickly buying something to save us from spontaneous parties or the delicate moments during a secret Santa. How about changing our shopping attitude this year? How about giving your favorite person a real gift this time around and becoming a part of it over time? How about a piece of jewelry? La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.

Smells like Christmas spirit


Kurt Cobain was not famous for the beautiful Christmas carols he never sang, but for many, he really was a genius. "Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don't be late" are the famous lyrics that we thought might dictate this season. Give yourself time to think, but hurry to find the motivation to change the tradition. It's a good choice you can make, so don't delay in making the right decision regarding this year's gifts. All discussions and conferences on environmental and sustainability issues lead us to consider a new perspective. How about being inspired by the collections of a local brand that has put sustainability at the top of the ideas on which it is based?

Why a piece of jewelry is the perfect gift


A piece of jewelry can mean many things, from the classic accessory that gives your outfit a sophisticated note, to a symbol of love, friendship or it can become a reliable partner in the adventures of the person to whom you offer such a piece. A piece of jewelry not only looks good, it also makes you feel as precious as it is. But the most important thing is that a piece of jewelry can become a legacy that you can give as a gift from generation to generation, turning it into a small family album.


Minimalist jewelry can be the mirror of the wearer. Although it comes with its own style, thanks to its shape, texture and metal, such as gold or silver, minimalist jewelry can be adapted to the aesthetics of each of us. For example, Onda earrings can be worn with a monochrome casual outfit, with rigid lines, but also with a bohemian vintage piece, such as a velvet jacket or a knitted dress. The same pair of earrings can be the superstar of an evening look, consisting of a black dress and an elegant men's jacket.

Monom jewelry can become the perfect dedication for your loved ones. You can choose an oversized brooch from the Alphabet collection for someone who loves to visit contemporary galleries or who loves architecture, giving them a small work of art to include in their everyday outfits. For that extremely special person, to make sure they will think of you nonstop, you can opt for a gold ring, such as Signet Cerc, Triovale or Basic Band, for the little finger or for the ring one. Remember that memories are still the most beautiful gifts, so don't be afraid of the little scratches that will decorate the sensitive silver, remembering those special moments spent together. Combine two or three pieces of gold and silver for someone who lives for the stories of yesteryear, mixing various elements in a mixture of love, friendship, divine inspiration and, of course, style!