Reflections on the Theater Stage: 'category B goddesses'

The theater is that magical place where stories come to life and emotions merge into one experience. This is masterfully exemplified in the recent production "B category goddesses", a show that brings to the fore the talent and complexity of actresses from three different cities: Elena Ivanca, Ioana Dragoș Gajdó and Silvia Luca.

Under the direction of Andrei Măjeri and with a script full of sensitivity and depth written by Alexandra Felseghi, the show had its premiere in Bucharest, at creart/TEATRELLI. This project, which managed to gather applause on September 22, 23 and 24, is preparing to delight the audience in other cities as well, offering a unique experience in each of the co-producing theaters.

"B category goddesses" explores a very topical subject: the subtle border between public and private life, between the magic of the stage and the reality of personal life. The show is based on an autobiographical documentary, focusing on key moments in the careers of the three actresses, moments that marked significant turning points in their lives.

What's interesting is how the show approaches the changes artists go through, likening them to pieces being changed on the chessboard of art. This artistic endeavor highlights the painful realities faced by sensitive personalities in the theater world: the pressure of performance, the difficulties encountered by those at the beginning of their careers and the challenges encountered by those in between two ages.

The sound experience of the show, signed by Adrian Piciorea, together with the costumes chosen from the collections of Lucian Broscățean, add additional layers of texture and depth to this show. The costumes, in particular, are a perfect fusion of classic and modern, highlighting the unique characteristics of each character. The outfits were complemented by Monom jewelry, designed by designer Georgiana Ciceo. These jewels, with their minimalist and elegant design, brought a touch of subtle sophistication to every character. Each piece of jewelery has been carefully chosen to complement and accentuate the outfits created by Lucian Broscățean, thus adding an additional layer of meaning and visual beauty.

In conclusion, "B-category goddesses" is not just a show, but an emotional and artistic journey, an exploration of the human soul through the lens of theatrical art. Each actress makes her unique contribution, creating together an unforgettable theatrical experience. It is a show not to be missed by theater lovers, offering a fresh and profound perspective on the world we live in."

*photos are taken at Teatrelli, in Bucharest.

photo credit: Mihai Smeu