A Cherished Chapter: Milano Jewelry Week in Review

The effervescence of creativity in Milan during the Milano Jewelry Week was a sight to behold. We at Monom had the privilege of being part of this vibrant atmosphere, presenting pieces from our latest Etala collection to a global audience. The event not only showcased an array of innovative designs but brought together like-minded individuals who share a passion for the artistic journey in jewelry making.

Presenting at Milano Jewelry Week was a milestone for us. The enthusiasm and insightful discussions around our creations have further fueled our commitment to creating minimalist yet evocative pieces.

Our showcase highlighted two pieces from the Etala collection, the Etala Lira Earrings and the Etala Lira Necklace. These pieces, reflecting sleek lines and elegant simplicity, captured Monom's architectural minimalism. Crafted meticulously from Argentium 960 and adorned in a luxurious 18K gold vermeil, they resonated with the discerning audience, evoking a blend of contemporary style and timeless elegance. The interaction with a global audience around these creations enriched our narrative, making Milano Jewelry Week a cherished chapter in our evolving story.

This experience was not just a platform for exhibiting our creations but an opportunity to immerse ourselves in enriching exchanges with other designers, patrons, and enthusiasts. The feedback, the conversations, and the camaraderie have left us with cherished memories and valuable insights as we continue on our journey of aesthetic exploration.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Milano Jewelry Week for this enriching experience and to all who appreciated our work. The journey of Etala continues, and we are excited for the road ahead filled with endless possibilities.

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